I’ve Reached a Mini Milestone

Not on the blog. Not at work. But in books! With my most recent purchase I finally surpassed 200 print books. I hope to have thousands upon thousands later in life. I wouldn’t mind a house or apartment in which there are shelves in every room.

People talk about running out of room and having to throw out their books. I won’t. I’ll use the space I have. I won’t be piling books on the floor or under the bed. They’ll be on shelves. Always. And when more room is needed I’ll find it. There or someplace else.

I know most people don’t know exactly how many books they own, but tell me your best guess. How many books ya got?

39 thoughts on “I’ve Reached a Mini Milestone

  1. For someone who likes to read, I probably have very small amount. But I guess, I decided to only keep books that I really like and will probably read again. Not counting non creative writing or misc. books, like dictionaries, I own 4 books, but that number will definitely grow!


  2. Probably closer to 1000, I’ve never counted, but I had to box some up because my husband and I don’t have our own place yet and had to make room for more! When we do, every room in the house will have bookshelves. I’ve got a growing collection of non-fiction books but definitely around or more than 1000 fiction books. My husband has a collection of graphic novels and manga. Related to that, we also have far too many combined DVDs and he has a lot of games. I guess our walls will be mostly shelves then…! I’m nearly 31 so I bet by the time I hit middle age, I’ll definitely need to say goodbye to some of the books I’m not going to read anymore. I feel like books are the hardest thing for me to part with.


    • Hmmm. I’ve actually just recently gotten interested in nonfiction. Of my 200 I maybe have 10 nonfiction. But all but one or two of those was bought recently. And I know of several more I want. I’m able to keep my books on just two shelves at the moment. So I’m okay for awhile, but I want more, more, more. 😊

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  3. I have about 150-200 books with me as I travel, and that’s not even 1/10th of my collection, so definitely over 1,000, but I haven’t counted in a long time. I used to keep very accurate numbers, but I haven’t in a while.


  4. I used to have 1040 books, but I got rid of over 600 when I downsized to emigrate. I brought 418 books to Australia in my container, but it’s gone up to 431 in the three months since I arrived. That’s not counting the other 148 ebooks on my Kindle, of course…

    John, I applaud your decision to keep gathering books, and to make space for them in your home. It’s amazing how you can find the right size shelves, nooks and crannies to cram more lovely books into. You will never regret this decision! (Unless you decide to emigrate and can’t afford to take them all with you, of course.) Happy gathering!

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    • Oh no. More than 600? I’d be depressed for months after that. But I imagine it would be incredibly difficult to tale all of them with you. And you still have plenty. I’ll be in Texas forever. So my books might move around some, but I’ll always be happy to keep them.

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  5. Hundreds,never counted!!My philosophy- you can never have too many books!! I love them and can’t bear to get rid of them.Books are so important, a home is empty without them, they are comforting to have around.Never stop welcoming books into your home!!!


  6. Ooh. Um. Best guess? 120. I basically have two and a half bookshelves full. I guess it’s really not that many but I purged many of the books i grew up with before college. So only this year have I begun rebuilding.


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