Another Twilight Book?

Oh man. Yesterday I finally got to reading some blogs and I found out something interesting. There’s going to be a new book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. But she won’t just be adding more to the story. Nope.

It’s a gender swap. Not sure if that’s what it’s called, but basically Bella and Edward will be renamed and switch places. So that Meyer can prove that Bella was just a “human in distress” and not a damsel in distress. I’ll sum up my thoughts: , “Um, why?”.

We know why, of course. Money. For everyone involved. And didn’t E.L. James just do something similar with Grey? She didn’t switch the characters completely, but she did switch perspectives.

Are you looking forward to this new book by Stephenie Meyer?

37 thoughts on “Another Twilight Book?

  1. Why couldn’t she have finished Midnight Sun if she was wanting to do more with Twilight. That at least would’ve been interesting seeing it through the perspective of Edward especially since he can read people’s minds. Plus she was supposed to write another in the Host series, which isn’t a series until there is another book. I think maybe she’s just got writer’s block and basically rewriting something that’s already written is easier than coming up with something new.


    • Hmm. You could be on to something. Though I’ll admit that I’m not too familiar with her work. I know she wrote The Host. And I think it was adapted. But I don’t know anything about the series or Midnight Sun.


      • They’re good books. I know everyone made fun of her for having sparkly vampires and such, but at least she was trying to reimagine something that’s been around forever. And the Host was actually really awesome scifi, and while the movie was good it didn’t really show the full extent of the cool aliens and all the planets that are talked about in the book, it would’ve made a very interesting series and I hate that she hasn’t continued it. And while I sort of get what she’s trying to do here, I do think that the creativity and new ideas she had been bringing to the table has clearly dried up.


      • Reimagined what? Vampires? Every author writing today has to reimagine something. Cause everything has been written. So she won’t get any credit from me for doing what every other author also does. I don’t think there’s anything creative about this new book.


      • that’s what I was saying, this new book isn’t creative. But reimagine to what degree? I’ve read a lot of paranormal books and for the most part they all have basically the same story for vampires and how they work and what they’re like, of course nowadays most have romanticized them. But there are a few who really push the envelope in trying to approach the idea of vampires and werewolves because they usually go hand in hand and she does do that. Especially with the werewolves in this book, which turn out to not be the traditional werewolves even the vampries recognize but shapeshifters that just happen to have taken the shape of wolves. She did it all very differently. The only other person who really did it more so would be someone like Heather Killough-Walden, maybe Sunny though she does more the story of people that started the idea of vampires but they’re not really vampires so I don’t know if that really counts. But that’s what I mean by reimagine.


  2. I read the Twilight books… mostly because my ex’s preteen daughter wanted to read them, and I wanted to know what she was reading. They were fine…. for exactly what they are. I didn’t expect great literature, and I wasn’t disappointed.

    As for the new one? Meh… my own preteen daughter couldn’t give a rat’s ass about fantasy romance. She’s way more into battling cat clans (Warrior Cats) and the retelling of Greek Mythology (The Pegasus series). So no, I won’t be giving SM any more of my cash for her gender-swap.


    • Oh I know. I know she’s not writing or trying to write great, great literature. BUT there’s only one reason to do this after so long. It would be different if the most recent one was published a year or two ago. But that’s not the case. Oh well.


  3. Eeek… ! I personally found Bella to be a cringe-worthy character. Useless, melodramatic, and far too codependent. Making her a guy and making the girl the heroine wouldn’t improve that element for me.


  4. Read one of the Twilight books because I’ve been writing YA and Meyers books were huge … And was irritated by it throughout. The main character, Bella, was horrible, wet, whiney, self absorbed ‘Ooh, I don’t know whether I like him cos he’s shiny and got sharp teeth or him cos he’s a hairy wolfman’ – give me the grumpy kickass Katniss anyday.
    Cynical, pointless, moneymaking exercise.


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