What’s Super Thursday?

This morning I was playing around on the Google and there appears to be something going on I know nothing about. Super Thursday. I think it’s only in the UK.

Super Thursday is today. At first I thought it was election day. Or some holiday, but nope. The articles I’ve read talk about books. Today is supposedly the day publishers release the books they think people will want for Christmas. Or something. I don’t get it. I mean, we’re two and a half months away from Christmas. And books are not the best gift, contrary to what some would have you believe. I’m lost. Maybe I have this day all wrong.

Someone tell me more about this Super Thursday thing taking place.

10 thoughts on “What’s Super Thursday?

  1. I live in the UK and I’ve never heard of it, so can’t help you out – other than to say the shops do start preparing way too early for Christmas over here. Maybe it’s a retail thing that customers aren’t explicitly told about?


  2. Yep, I’ve heard of it, but only since I’ve been writing – not before. I don’t know what your build up to Christmas is like in the US, but here, the shops start obscenely early – the moment school restarts in September, Christmas food and deocrations begin to appear. A quarter of a year BEFORE CHRISTMAS! It’s the most aggravating thing.
    I think the Super Thursday thing is about getting books out there, stirring up interest, getting the titles in the back of people’s minds in the weeks before they start to shop for presents, so when they do start, they go straight to that title.
    The publishers must think they sell more books that way. It doesn’t work with me, but then I’m too tight fisted to but hardbacks – I wait for the paper back pretty much every time 🙂


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