The Nobel Prize for Literarure

I know many people bash awards all the time because they never seem to get it right or because there’s some kind of agenda at play. But why can’t it be that sometimes the recipients of these awards are deserving? Why is that so hard to believe?

The Nobel Prize for Literature was announced yesterday. And I’ll admit that I didn’t know the recipient off the top of my head. So what did I do? I read about her. No, not Wikipedia. I read what respectable news organizations had to say about this woman who had just won the top literary prize there is. And based on what I’ve read she absolutely deserves it. All of the authors being considered deserved it. But you can’t slice up the award and give it out in fifths.

Svetlana Alexievich is a journalist who also writes books. Yes, they’re nonfiction. But honestly, someone who feels strongly that she shouldn’t be considered for an award for “literature” has probably never written anything longer than a tweet. I’m finding through my own reading that true stories are just as entertaining and thought-provoking as fiction.

Are you familiar with her work? Have any thoughts on a nonfiction author winning this award?

5 thoughts on “The Nobel Prize for Literarure

  1. I am not familiar with this woman’s work but I completely agree with you. Non-Fiction can have as artistry and creativity as fiction. People always gripe about the winners of these prizes and it is rediculous because, as you said, if they are nominated than they all are probably worthy of winning. You don’t get to that point without being exceptional.


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