One Last Bit of Twilight News

I wrote last week about the new book in the series in which the genders of most of the characters are swapped. Well I learned something else about the book.

I was bouncing around WordPress for a bit the other day and I came across a review. So I read it. It was not good. It appears that Meyer put in even less work than I expected. The text of the book appears to be the exact same. She didn’t actually rewrite anything. There were a few things that were changed because Meyer figured a guy would see them differently than a girl, but most of the text wasn’t.

I think it’s both arrogant and disrespectful. Because people are buying this book. But it’s not really anything new. Just some stupid names changed. I think I’m forever done discussing Stephenie Meyer after reading this. What do you think?

19 thoughts on “One Last Bit of Twilight News

  1. That is both the worst form of laziness (It looks like nothing more than a cash grab and invalidates her stated goal in doing it) and insulting to her readers. I doubt that I can never discuss Stephanie Meyer again, but it won’t be in flattering terms.

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  2. I popped over and read the Amazon reviews, just for fun. Not too shocking… they are mostly 3-star and below. You have your Twi-hards, who are going to love it no matter how shitty. But most people, even the ones who *wanted* to like it, basically all said the same thing: She really didn’t even try.

    All that said, I find the categorization in Amazon a little… interesting.

    Here’s her Hardback categorization:
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #23 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
    #1 in Books > Teens > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Horror
    #1 in Books > Teens > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
    #1 in Books > Children’s Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Spine-Chilling Horror

    And Paperback:
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #72,768 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
    #6 in Books > Large Print > Science Fiction & Fantasy
    #24 in Books > Large Print > Romance
    #29 in Books > Large Print > Children’s Books

    Large Print? Really? And what’s with filing it under “Children’s Books”. Yes, because I always give my middle-grade kids vampire romance novels.

    *serious side-eye at the obvious ranking ploy*


  3. Why waste your time talking about a book you haven’t read and never plan to read? Plus what did anyone expect? She was going to show the situation would be the same regardless if it was a girl or a boy in Bella’s spot, so of course the book is the same. Which is why I do think it was a waste of everyone’s time, but not surprising that that’s how it turned out.


    • Because this is a book blog. I talk about books. Probably a stupid question there. Anyway, the text could be changed. There’s no point in hyping this book up at all if it’s the exact same book.


      • yes but wouldn’t it be better to talk about books you have read and so can give a better account of, rather than give 2nd hand information you read elsewhere. Plus you didn’t even link to the review you were talking about, which might would be cool to check out. Plus any talk of a book helps spread the hype, the more someone talks about stuff the more people hear of it the more curious they get. If you want a book to not have hype, ignore it. Heck I hadn’t even heard of it until I read about it on your blog.


  4. Okay, so I love all your blog posts! I think I agree with you pretty much all the time! That being said, you gotta stop making such awesome posts…I’m always reading your stuff and not writing! 😉 I guess I’m just going to have to get up earlier from now on… I’m gonna put another winky face just in case you don’t know I’m joking. 😉 No emoji right now bc iPad broke down. 😦 As for Meyer, I love her bc I used to lack the confidence to be a writer. But if she can get published (and get rich for that matter), anyone can right?! 😉


  5. I think it’s horrible that she can “rewrite” her book and basically sell the same thing to people all over again, rather than actually writing new material. But people still love her work…so I guess that’s why it’s possible. But it just seems like a flat out money grab


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