Campaigns and Politics and Books, oh my

Can you name a single presidential candidate still in the race who hasn’t recently published a book? Maybe one of the lesser known candidates who has no chance at winning their party’s nomination, but all of the bigger names have. It’s scary.

These candidates are constantly holding events and fundraisers, and participating in debates in order to get their message out. AND they’re publishing books around the same time. I’m not sitting here saying that we don’t need to hear about the people who could potentially hold the highest office in our country, but will we ever reach the point at which we proclaim enough is enough?

On top of all the press the candidates receive they also do things like host SNL or private fundraisers with their celebrity friends. Why not just give them a TV sitcom too?

I get it. It’s the presidential race and it only happens every four years. But I’m about sick of every candidate releasing a book that coincides with the race. It’s not like they help. The people who buy and read them are already in the corner of the party or candidate.

Have you read any books written by political candidates recently? You’ve got many to choose from. I actually don’t think I’ve ever read a book by a candidate.

6 thoughts on “Campaigns and Politics and Books, oh my

  1. Lawrence Lessig has been putting out books since 2000 (beating the rush?) but I don’t think any of them are about him, which is a refreshing change.
    I can’t imagine wanting to read anything a politician has to say about themselves, except possibly as an insight into their self-perception, and even then it’s probably edited to the nth degree by their PR people (who might well have written it themselves, in many cases).


  2. Oddly enough, Trump’s _The Art of the Deal_ is a great read for folks with an interest in applied economic principles and the art of negotiation. It’s actually quite brilliant. I’m not sure it counts, though, as it was published in 1988.


    • I think that’s the one he says is his second favorite book ever. Behind the bible. 😂 But yes, that’s not really what I’m talking about. Though he has a new one coming this month? I think.


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