No, These Book Series are not the Same

A few nights ago I was working a closing shift, right? Which generally means it’s pretty slow toward the end of the night. But then I was awakened by a comment a co worker made. She said Twilight is the same as The Hunger Games. You can imagine my reaction to this.

I couldn’t believe it. And she was quire serious. Though another worker did immediately tell her that she was quite incorrect, I was the only one there who’d actually read any of the books around Katniss. So no one could really jump in with me.

Anyway, sure both series are obviously young adult, but to say that they are the exact same thing is outrageous to me. And disrespectful toward Suzanne Collins. Ugh. Have you ever heard anyone compare two books or series that don’t belong in the same sentence?

37 thoughts on “No, These Book Series are not the Same

  1. Ew. That’s disgusting. They aren’t even close to being the same thing. Is this person a hermit with no connection to the real world?
    I haven’t heard any recent comparisons, but the one that always gets me is when people say J.R.R. Tolkien ripped off J.K. Rowling. HAHAHA!!! Those people scare me.


  2. Both have a love triangle aaaaand.. yeah that’s it. Sparkly vampires =/= dystopian child Gladiators. Did she explain why she thought they were similar?


  3. Yes, in fact i’ve heard people compare series that aren’t even close of being in the same category! it leaves me in anger, but i choose not to reply. They’re ignorant of the difference in styles and the concept of each series individually 😛
    i don’t even know hot to comment to such conversations. I’m not the biggest fan of both book series, but a little bit of respect towards each writer and styles and genres should be put in place!
    what’s worse is that I KNOW that these people haven’t even bothered to as much as hold a book :’)


  4. Horrific comparison – Hunger Games brings into focus the impact of totalitarian regimes on individuals and what the individual can do under such conditions to fight for the underdog. Whereas Twilight is … pants. I feel angry on Suzanne Collins’ behalf


  5. I do think The Hunger Games is overrated. But Twilight is….really really bad, lol. The only YA book that I would put in the same category of terribleness as Twilight is Eragon. At least Christopher Paolini can blame it on the fact that he was 15 years old, and perhaps his abilities improved as he aged. Stephanie Meyer doesn’t have an excuse, and even her non-Twilight work isn’t any good.


  6. I can’t remember anyone ever comparing two series that different and thinking they were alike. But years ago, my boss had to send in a form requesting permission for our library to buy specific books from whatever bookstore carried them instead of having to follow the mandate to buy similar materials from the cheapest source possible. In other words, if a patron had wanted to read Twilight, if we hadn’t been able to get an exemption, we’d have had to buy Dracula instead because it’s cheaper and it’s about vampires too. Because obviously all books are interchangeable. (The rule is meant for buying office supplies, but no one remembered that it could limit a library.)


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