A Woman Reviewed Over 30000 Books on Amazon

Yikes. Looks like this woman is already well known, but I’d never heard of her until her recent death. So if you’ve been following her reviews, well, there won’t be any more forthcoming.

But I want to talk about the actual number of books she reviewed and how she reviewed them. It looks like her total number of book reviews is just above 31000. I mean, whoa. And guess how many books she gave three stars or less? None. Every book she reviewed on the site is rated as four stars or higher. That’s ridiculous.

I could read 20 books in a given amount of time and I imagine several would be rated as less than four stars. I think this woman should be part of the conversation people like to have about reviews on Amazon. 31000 books is way more than I’ll read in my lifetime, and perhaps she did read them all, but I think a single person reviewing that many books on the site and only leaving four or five stars for each is somewhat outrageous.

Y’all know I don’t read book reviews. But y’all also know that plenty of people do. I don’t know how many times her reviews have been read by others, but there’s a pretty good chance that her reviews influenced potential buyers in many instances. And that’s unfortunate. Her reviews may not have been dishonest per se, but you can’t sit there and say that they were completely honest either.

What do you think of someone reviewing 31000 books and rating all of them as four star reads? I think it’s a joke, and a mockery of others who actually put some thought into the reviews they post.

24 thoughts on “A Woman Reviewed Over 30000 Books on Amazon

  1. I must say I agree with you. Surely it’s not possible to read that many books and give high ratings to each and every one of them. Out of the fifty books I have read so far this year, thirteen of them have a rating of three or less out of five, so this just doesn’t add up. If she did read and enjoy every one of those books then I wish she could have shared her secret as I’m sure we would all like a guarantee that every book we pick up we’ll enjoy!

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  2. This is crazy! Is it possible to read 31,000 books? Yeah but there is NO WAY you love every one…and the sad part is the more reviews you do the more weight Amazin outs behind it. Very sad.


  3. The only way she could read and give a thorough review to that many books and still work, cook, eat, sleep, clean her house, spend time with family etc is by being an immortal … Which she clearly wasn’t.
    It is sad – and dishonest. If Amazon are so keen on their reviews being respected – coming down hard on people who review their own books for instance – then they should block people like this for underming the entire system


  4. It really sounds fishy 😦 how can you find each book worthy of 4 stars and above πŸ˜› Not done ..I agree with your point πŸ™‚


  5. Sheesh. She had way too much time on her hands. Or maybe she lied about reading that many. Or maybe reviewed books based on other peoples’ opinions of them. Or maybe she’s one of the people Amazon was suing because of posting fake reviews.
    Whatever the case, nobody should rate every book four stars and above. It simply isn’t accurate. Some books stink. Others are masterful. Why pretend otherwise?


  6. I just did some rough calculations: she would have had to read a book a week (not unheard of) for roughly 60 years to reach those numbers!
    That…is a week bit ridiculous.
    Maybe it was her name but her whole family was using the same account?


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