Halloween is Here

I’m not a fan of Halloween. Mostly because it gives people an excuse to be stupid.

Last year was the first time I “celebrated” the day since middle school. But I didn’t really do anything. I just wore a costume to the gym. It was funny and several people asked for pictures. But today I’ll be working. So you know what that means, right? I’m wearing a costume to work!

All week long we’ve been encouraged to wear a costume if we wanted to, and I do. But I’m not sure which one I should wear. Maybe you can help? I have a hot dog suit and a Gumby suit. Which should I wear?

How are you celebrating today?

18 thoughts on “Halloween is Here

  1. I’m not, per se, and haven’t since my kids were big enough to not want to go out each year.
    I have seen a cat and a clown at the coffee drive through window though.


  2. To quote Rupaul, “We are all born naked, everything else is drag.” Regardless of whether or not a person is deliberately putting on a costume at Halloween time, the sense that we are all to some extent in costume becomes more acute.


  3. What, no pics added of you in a hotdog suit? Disappointing.

    We went to see a museum exhibition about Death (including a section on assisted dying – GRIM) then went to see a zombie walk, where hundreds of people dripping in gore, latex and spare body parts walked through our city centre stopping traffic and bemusing tourists. Then my son dressed as a zombie and went trick or treating while husband and I caught up on our box set of The Walking Dead. Pretty deadish all round πŸ™‚


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