Why you Need to be on the Half Price Books Mailing List

It’s your basic newsletter. It tells you about events and promotions and new releases you’ll find in stores. But that doesn’t matter now. This week is coupon week in stores!

What’s that mean? It means for the next seven days starting tomorrow you’ll be able to use coupons that are only emailed to people who receive the newsletter. Here’s the breakdown.

Monday and Tuesday: 20% off your highest priced item.
Wednesday and Thursday: 30% off your highest priced item.
Friday and Saturday: 40% off your highest priced item.
Sunday: 50% off your highest priced item.

Think about that. Pretty much all of the store is already 50% off the list price, and you can now save even more money than that. What are you doing!?

I’ve already received my coupons, so I’m not sure if it’s too late if you’re not already receiving the newsletter. But it definitely wouldn’t hurt to try! You can sign up for the mailing list here.

PS: The first time I ever went inside my Half Price Books was the last time we had a coupon sale in July. Also, there are four coupon weeks throughout the year and four storewide 20% off sales. So even if you’re late to this one there’s always something else coming up. What do ya think!?

29 thoughts on “Why you Need to be on the Half Price Books Mailing List

  1. Yep, same here – no Half Price Books in the UK. Plenty of other cheap book outlets, though.
    On a side note, as a published author, how do you view the whole concept of cheap books – do you think it helps authors promote their books or does it just cut their share of the profits? No dig intended to your present employer, just wondering.


    • Everything is resold at some point. Books. Movies. TVs. Furniture. Music. Everything. So do I have an issue with books (one of the cheapest forms of media) being resold cheaply like everything else is? No. I don’t. Cause I have no issue with Amazon or eBay or Craigslist. All sell used things. No one griping about that. Heck, I bought my Xbox One used from Amazon. Am I mad about cutting out Microsoft? Obviously not.

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      • Oh, they’re second hand books? I thought Half Price books sold new books discounted. Forgive my ignorance – as I say, we don’t have them here. I meant new books being sold at knock down prices to drum up custom for the retailer.


      • No. We sell new releases but they’re just 20% of the list price. And we get new books in our shipments every Monday, but they aren’t NEW. I usually get books published within the last five tears. They’re new books, but not new releases. Those are often priced lower than if it was the publication year.

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