Floptober October

The title of this post is misleading. October turned out to be just fine. Well, relative to recent months.

In October I had even fewer site views than I did in September, which had easily been the low for the year. But eh, that’s not so bad. The number of unique visitors and comments were about the same or increased from last month. Now let’s look at the numbers.

Posts: 31

Likes: 576

Comments: 641

Followers: 3241

Books Read: 0

Poems: 0

YouTube Videos: 1

Pretty standard stuff for the current run of things. The first half of the year would have seen higher numbers across the board, but that’s okay. 2015 is still going to be a pretty damn good year on the blog. I still haven’t been reading even though I posted a new video showing y’all all the books I bought in September. And still no more poems posted here. Oh well.

Now for some posts.

Top Post

Saturday Selects #20: Gun Violence in America

Favorite Post:

No, These Book Series are not the Same

Post you may Have Missed

Books and Chill

I’d have to go back to verify it, but I think this may have been the first month in which a Saturday Selects post took the top spot. And it isn’t surprising. I knew the day I posted it that it would make something of a splash. And it did. With the presidential election here in the US coming in 12 months, I imagine it won’t be the last time I bring up a political or social issue on the blog. Heck, Saturday Selects will be here again this week. And the topic has already been decided upon.

So take a look at those posts if you happened to miss any of the three, and don’t forget to tell me about your month on WordPress. We’re all nice around here. Mostly. How was your month and Halloween?

12 thoughts on “Floptober October

  1. I read a lot. Probably about 12 books. Got some writing done, but not a ton. Was craptastic on the blog. But, hey, I just enjoyed the month and traveled a lot, so I’m not going to complain. And I’m not a fan of Halloween, so I didn’t do anything for it. Actually, I spent the evening packing most of my belongings for the drive back to Michigan, which is now underway.


  2. My blog month trundled along ok stats wise – just started on Twitter so I think that helped a bit and posted a lot over Halloween, so that helped too.

    Submitted to a magazine during an open sub window they were running they’re running and wrote a few short pieces for the blog and for other people.
    And was trying to plot the sequel to my as-yet-unpublished-but-being-looked-at-by-a-publisher-as-we-speak YA novel – hard going, knowing which way to take my characters …


      • Oh, I’m not a strong plotter, I’m afraid – I just throw in a lot of action and intersperse with some quieter moments. The amount of rewrites I had to do for the first book has inspired me to plot more thoroughly – and even attempt a synopsis first (another thing I’m weak at). I read a recommendation once to plot the drama of your story on a graph (a high mark for something dramatic, a low one for a quiet chapter). I did it, but it made no sense to me – like looking at a seismograph reading. Pointless.
        I’ll have a decision about the magazine story by the end of the month, though my hopes are low – I think it may be a bit violent for their market. Ah, well, it was good practice and actually very good fun to write.


      • Hahaha I actually don’t know anything about how anyone plots. No idea what people claim works and what doesn’t. Eh. I’m okay with that. And good luck with the magazine! Never know. 😊

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      • Thanks John 🙂 I think there’s a lot to be said from reading all available advice, analysing your favourite, well plotted books, making notes, mind maps, spread sheets … Then just trusting your instincts. I’m guessing I’d be rubbish at writing one of those tightly plotted, seat of your pants nerve jangling crime novels, though – just don’t have it in me


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