Amazon Books Opens in Seattle

Yup. You read that right. Amazon opened its first bookstore today, and I really like all that they’ve put into it.

The Amazon Books bookstore is a definitive extension of the website. You know it as soon as you walk in. The prices are exactly the same as online and the entire operation is data driven.

For example, they have not tried to throw as many books on the shelves as possible. Instead books are all faced out with a review card from an Amazon customer just below. There are displays for current bestsellers with great reviews. And there’s even a defined section of the top sellers for the region. Everything in the store is there to be sold. Will they be able to sell every book in stock? No. But they’ve put a lot of work into this store being successful. And I don’t see how it wouldn’t be. I wouldn’t mind seeing one pop up in Houston at some point just to get a feel for the place.

What do you think of Amazon Books? I think it’s about time.

5 thoughts on “Amazon Books Opens in Seattle

  1. I love it. I do… but I think it’s a little ironic. Many book chains have claimed that they’ve gone out of business because of Amazon. And now Amazon is opening up in their place. So, it begs the question… did those bookstores go out because of online competition? Or was it that they failed to stay relevant? Or will this Amazon brick & mortar suffer the same fate?

    Personal opinion: We’re severely lacking for bookstores anymore… so the more, the merrier. I wonder at how well they will represent indie authors. I guess time will tell!


    • I don’t think Amazon is necessarily to blame for other stores failing. The print business of Barnes and Noble has remained profitable since forever. The Nook is what hurt them. And now that’s been spun off. Borders was just never an enticing store. At least not to me. As for the new store, I don’t see how it’d fail. And I don’t think that because Amazon would just lose money to take business away from other stores. I think it’s a great idea. I don’t know about self published authors. I mean, they have hundreds of books published by Amazon imprints already. I’d imagine those books getting some shelf space as “Amazon Publishing Exclusives” or something similar.


      • Oh, I don’t think Amazon did in those stores either. They just like to place the blame in that general direction. Barnes & Noble has made significant changes over the years to hone their selection and stay relevant. And I agree with Borders. I never liked the feel of that store, and rarely found what I was looking for unless it was the latest NYT best seller… which I rarely buy.


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