Crayola to Release Line of Adult Coloring Books

Actually, they’re releasing several. I don’t know about you, but there is only one brand I associate with coloring. Crayola. I guess there are other brands that make crayons, markers, and colored pencils; but I know none of them.

Which is why I’m not surprised at all to see them moving into adult coloring books. I’m sure the designs will be top notch and I already know there will be several to choose from.

This is a market that Crayola knows well. I’m sure we’ll see that fully on display once these books are made available.

Any thoughts on Crayola’s forthcoming adult coloring books?

14 thoughts on “Crayola to Release Line of Adult Coloring Books

  1. You know, I LOVE to color, but those coloring books filled with paisley designs, Spirograph looking flowers and so much stuff on the page that it’s like staring at a black and white Where’s Waldo scene just doesn’t do it for me. Instead of finding these coloring books relaxing, I find them too “busy” and at the same time too boring, if that’s even possible. I color all of the time and you know what my favorite thing to color is? Barbie and Princesses. Why? Because of the clothes and the hair. I love to imagine being a fashionista and putting my creativity into the colors of the clothes (especially the dresses) that Barbie and the Disney princesses are wearing. I also like to play with hair color and make Ariel a brunette and Jasmine a blonde. That’s my idea of fun with coloring and that relaxes me much more than some swirly with compartments to color in.

    That being said, I don’t represent the majority of people out there who think that adult coloring is all the rage. I’m sure Crayola will make a fortune in this hot, new market. On a side note, I must admit that when I first read this post and saw “adult coloring books” my mind zoomed in on the word “adult.” Maybe Crayola ought to consider THAT market, too. I wouldn’t be able to resist picking up one of those coloring books.


  2. Haha! Love the idea of ‘adult’ colouring books – that market would truly be huge. Though, the colours would become a bit boring – all pinks, browns and various shades of the same and not a lot else!
    I’m surprised Crayola didn’t pick up on this before – their marketing dept is a bit slow on the uptake, isn’t it? Colouring books for grown-ups (see how I managed to skirt round allusions to rude fleshiness, there?) are hugely popular – everywhere this Christmas.
    I suppose it’s a reflection on how depressed/stressed out a lot of people are – it’s ink and paper meditation, isn’t it? I wonder what the stats are re male and female colourists – I wouldn’t mind betting, having seen some of the book designs – there are way more women than men doing it.


    • Well I’m told the books are meant to be therapeutic. But I haven’t bought into that one bit. And you hit on w good point. In three months working in a bookstore I’ve never once been asked for an adult coloring book by a male customer. Hmm. I don’t know anything about the colors. I thought Crayola had all of them covered.

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      • Yes, definitely a female past time. But that’s no surprise as most of the kids I know who colour are girls too. Boys want Lego and to take things apart to find out how they work – in my experience 🙂
        I do think there’s a meditative element to colouring – youre brain switches off for a while. Same reason they used to get people with mental health problems to weave baskets – a repetitive action with your hands calms the mind.
        And you’re right, I’m sure Crayola have enough skin tones to cover the world 🙂


  3. I’ve seen the adult coloring books thing floating around, and I’ve tried out a couple pieces myself. I think it’s really cool, but I don’t think I’d personally buy then because, as an artist, I could just draw my own. I love Zentangle, which is pretty much what the coloring books consist of (from what I’ve seen). Then I’d get the fun of drawing them and coloring them in for free. 😂 But the ones I’ve done were really fun and therapeutic, so yeah, props to Crayola xD


    • Hm. Well I’m not an artist. 😳 And have no desire to color anything. So I pretty much just talk about them. Though I have just flipped through them to see what they’re all about. I wish I could draw.


      • Well, even if you can’t draw you can still colour, John! I bought myself a children’s colouring book with a pirate theme and the pictures are cool and fun. I find it very therapeutic to colour, because it lets my mind wander – mostly into ideas for stories about pirates, I guess. You should try it – great for freeing up the mind to write.


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