On this Veterans Day:

On this Veterans Day there’s much you can do. Some cities have parades and big celebrations and others don’t. But that doesn’t matter. Honoring and supporting our veterans should be an everyday thing.

They’re sent all over the world to fight for people who can’t fight for themselves. And they’re sent to fight against terrorist organizations that have no concept of right and wrong. They’re sent thousands of miles from home. They leave their friends and families. They protect this great country of ours at exceptional cost and sacrifice.

But living in the United States can make it easy to take these heroes for granted. We don’t have to worry about if our home is going to be bombed. We don’t see the consequences of war in our backyard. There may come a day in which we come under attack from a foreign power or terror group, and guess who will be right there on the front lines to protect our homeland? The men and women of our military.

It’s easy to criticize the use of our military in foreign affairs, but that criticism should not fall on the shoulders of the soldiers who are out to do good.

So maybe today you can visit with some local veterans. Or watch your local parade on TV. Or even pull out your credit card and make a donation to a veterans group. There are many things you can do today, but don’t forget there are many things you can do everyday.

If you’re reading this and you’ve served for the United States, know that there are millions of people who recognize and appreciate your sacrifice. I thank you for all you’ve done. It’s more than I’ll probably do in my lifetime.

8 thoughts on “On this Veterans Day:

  1. I didn’t serve but I do have family and friends who did (mostly Viet Nam). I did observe 2 minutes of silence and I did write a post which went up today. More power to those who have the metal it takes to sever out their time, who keep going back despite being injured.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who had the metal and still didn’t make it back.


    • There are a couple typos in this that make it difficult to understand. But it sounds like you know several people who have served. Hopefully every one of them was thanked or and commended today.


  2. We observed the two minute silence in our shopping centre yesterday (as we do every year). Funny – and good – to see people who would usually scurry past, on to the next shopping perchase, pause for a second to think. We buy artificial poppies here on the run up to every Remembrance Day which you where in your lapel to show your support for people who have served – do you have them in the States? They’re made by veterans and the money raised goes towards helping ex servicemen.


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