On Holiday Books

The holiday season is upon us here in the US. Black Friday is less than a week away and then it’s a mad dash to get everything you need for Christmas. Which in most cases is nothing, but people suddenly “need” or “want” things when the holidays come around. So dumb.

Anyway, I got to thinking about holiday books recently. We have a table of Christmas cards. We have a table of Christmas books. And there’s a small section of holiday books in the kid’s section at my store. All this to say that I’d never thought of holiday books before now.

I’ve thought of the Charlie Brown specials and old cartoons that start showing up on TV. And I’ve thought of the ridiculous shopping season. But not any books. I mean, is it really THAT important to read something that just happens to be snowy and jolly? Is it THAT important to read a book around Halloween that is about Halloween? No. I don’t think it is.

We already know how crazy Black Friday will be nationwide. We already know about the shopping season that takes place over the next month. We already know about the decorations EVERYWHERE. I just hate that the holiday season now has to be a part of every aspect of life. Oh well. It isn’t a major part of mine. Thankfully.

Do you have any go-to holiday stories? I have none.

14 thoughts on “On Holiday Books

  1. I used to read Christmas Carol every year, trying to finish on Christmas Eve – probably overdosed on it and now haven’t read the book for a few years. I think some sad part of me was trying to capture a sense of Christmas I thought I’d lost. Then I had a kid and didn’t feel the need any more.

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    • Hmm. I guess I’m kinda like that. I pull out my Christmas music CD every year at the end of November. But I couldn’t read a book that many times. Even a short one. And my interest in the idea of Christmas is pretty small anyway.

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      • I always feel like I miss Christmas a bit – we’re so busy in our shop, we’ll end up working 12-14 hour days and will be so shattered I’ll feel like sleeping for the whole thing. Maybe that’s why I’ve tried to grab some Christmas spirit while I can. I like Christmas, but think ‘having’ to buy each other presents is ridiculous. There’s nothing much I need as long as I have a good supply of books and my laptop, so I wish people wouldn’t buy me anything


      • Oh, I don’t run it – I’m just a grunt! I’m a florist but we sell a lot of gift items too. You’d be astounded how many people buy flowers and plants for Christmas 🙂


      • I think they buy flowers when the people they’re buying for have everything they need already. They should save their money and just send a card – but then, I’d be out of a job, so I shouldn’t complain 🙂


    • A Christmas Carol is the story that springs to mind for me too. I love it – but I’ve only read it a couple of times. I do usually watch at least one of the many movie adaptations every year though, usually the classic Alistair Sim version.

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      • Ah, now you’re talking! Alistair Sim is the best. He’s the only actor for me who’s managed to convey Scrooge’s changing personality perfectly – he’s a brilliant curmudgeon and wonderfully child like when he finds his redemption. Broadcasters only seem to show the colourised version these days, though, which is a shame. The yard outside Scrooge’s house has such a wonderfully gloomy atmosphere in black and white

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  2. Hate Black Friday. Did it once. Never again. People are crazed. Now at the holiday time, we only buy for the kids and even then, we don’t get a ton of stuff. I buy my daughter books and educational stuff and if she needs anything close to Christmas, I’ll pick it up and wrap it.
    One thing that I do like to do is see the Nutcracker or another holiday classic if the theaters around the area have it. It brings the stories alive for me.


    • Ha. I never have. Mostly because I’m not in need of anything and I’ve never really given out Christmas presents. Oooh. Good point. I’ve never been to The Nutcracker, but I’ve wanted to see Trans Siberian Orchestra FOREVER. I just love them.


  3. I avoid Black Friday. Can’t stand the crowds. I really despise shopping during the month of December in general, and tend to do most of my holiday shopping online. LOL

    As for seasonal stories… we have Jan Brett’s Christmas Treasury. I read it with my kids. Considering that they’re pre-teens now, it’s one of the rare occasions they’ll let me read to them still, so I take advantage of that opportunity. The book is beautifully illustrated, and it’s more “pagan-influenced holiday” than “Christmas”, which works well for us.


    • This will be my first Black Friday at Half Price Books and I’m told it’ll be a nice little frenzy. Which of course is great for us. And I don’t know that particular book. But I see what you mean. Your days of reading to them are going to end at some point. So it’s nice you still get to.


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