No, This is not a Book Collector’s Dream

I’ve been very outspoken about a particular book that was released just a few months ago. You know it. Go Set a Watchman. I have no desire whatsoever to open the book. None. Now I have more to say about it.

Recently the second largest bookstore chain in the US (Books-a-Million) made available some signed, collectible editions of the book. They look fairly nice. Only 500 were printed. I think most of you all didn’t plan on reading the book, but obviously many people have. So now it all comes down to price. Because some will buy Harper Lee anything, no matter the circumstances.

This collector’s edition of the book costs $1500. I can get the original hardcover for like $7 at work, and I think those seven dollars would be money well wasted. Why someone would pay $1500 for THAT book is beyond me. I have doubts as to whether or not she even really signed them herself.

Tell me you wouldn’t consider ever buying this thing.

16 thoughts on “No, This is not a Book Collector’s Dream

    • I was reading the other day that first editions of some classic novels are worth quite a bit. But I can’t imagine someone really wanting this thing. And I like it. Every once in awhile I’ll get to tell someone about something I’m interested in or have read. And everyone there is really easy to work with. It’s nice.

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  1. Don’t really get the point of a signed copy – it’s the words inside you want and they’re the same whatever form you buy it in. But then, I’m not bothered about meeting famous people either – even writers. It can be dangerous to meet your heroes – they’re often not quite what you imagine


  2. I almost purchased a special edition hard copy of the book, but then I did some Google research and found out the details and all of the scandal linked to it… not interested in it now.


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