Sarah Palin Holds a Book Signing Where?!

Evidently Sarah Palin has just released a new book. Which isn’t all that surprising considering that she is all but out of the public eye. But eh, politicians write books all the time.

What makes this a bit odd is that she recently held a book signing in California. I’m not sure I’d have picked that particular state for her signing, but I’m also not in charge of anything. It wasn’t at a bookstore. It wasn’t at a political event. It was at a gun range.

Wait, what?

Yes, you read that correctly. Sarah Palin held a book signing at a gun range in California. Why? I’m sure she’s got plenty of support from those in favor of gun rights, but I just don’t see the point. If she wants to make a statement on guns, then she could just as easily make an actual statement, right?

I just think it was mostly done to attract a certain amount of attention. And it worked. She ran out of books to sell because the line of people was so long. I won’t even comment on why people would even be following her at this point. Oh well.

Do you have any thoughts on having a book signing at a gun range?

36 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Holds a Book Signing Where?!

  1. Well, as it’s her, it makes perfect sense for her to do a signing there. She could finish the signing and shoot off a few rounds. As you say, it’s all for publicity. What would be the ideal venue for Donald Trump to do a signing? Not a mosque, I’m guessing …


    • But still. Ugh. And did you hear what Trump just said? Block all Muslims from entering the country. This is a man with a chance at being one of the presidential nominees saying this crap. Blatant racism that people are actually agreeing with. What an absolute and utter joke. All of it.

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      • Yes, I had heard that. I’m just hoping enough people think he’s an embarrassment and he doesn’t get the nomination. None of my business really, of course, not being an American, but I can’t see how a man like that being in charge of such a powerful nation can be good for the planet.


      • He should stick to his business. At least politicians have some kind of record (or lack thereof) in office. He’s just a rich, racist, sexist guy who doesn’t deserve the Attention he’s getting.

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  2. Well, her and her marketing team certainly know what they’re doing. Marketing to their readership. It is interesting they picked California, though. I would have expected a more gun-friendly state.


  3. Since the event was probably geared more selling Sarah Palin, than selling Sarah Palin’s book, then yes a gun range was an ideal spot for her. These are absolutely unbelievable times we are living in. But, as others have noted here, I would have thought Texas or Arizona would have been ‘targeted’ for her book signing rather than relatively, liberal-left-coast, California. In any case, the woman in through politically, and good riddance.


    • Well I think it turned into selling her more than the book after she ran out of books to sign and started signing random crap people had taken with them. And yes, I can do without hearing anything about her.


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