I’m Officially on a Book Buying Ban

Yep. That’s right. Why? Because of this.


That’s my TBR shelf. It currently has 51 books on it! I don’t have too many books, but I have too many books I haven’t read. *sad face*

So I’m on a book buying ban for the time being. It’s only logical, right? I have been working on my current read the last few days and I’ll be finishing it soon, but that one book hardly makes a dent in my pile here. Not every book on the shelf is one I can read right away because of how I read different series and authors, but most are. And there are a few that have been on the shelf for years. Ugh. At least I know I have enough books to hit my yearly goal if I go ahead and start with what I have in January. I guess there’s a silver lining.

Have you ever had a TBR pile that started to take over your house like I do right now?

80 thoughts on “I’m Officially on a Book Buying Ban

  1. A-HA!!!! Yes!!! I’m going to take credit for this since I went on a book buying diet in the summer. Obviously, you got the idea from me. 🙂 My TBR list is always overflowing, but I’m reading a lot more new books instead of re-reading.

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  2. Ngl, it makes my eye twitch that you have to stack your books two rows deep and half sideways. If I can’t have my books one row deep, all vertical, nothing wedged in the top empty space, then I have to buy another bookshelf 😛

    I should probably ban myself from buying books too. I want to read one book every week in 2016, and I easily wrote down what all 52 will be. That’s not even counting all of my TBR books or wish list items. Ugh. So many books, so little time. Maybe if reading was my only hobby, but I have books to write too!


    • Hahaha! Well on every other shelf I don’t stack them besides one by one standing vertically. But I don’t want my TBR shelf to become TBR shelves. So that’s why I try to get them all on the one shelf even though there are two empty ones beneath it. I have a plan to get reading more in 2016. Hopefully it works. My goal is 50. And since I’m not writing, I have no excuse. 😭


  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose had the same book on the TBR shelf for years … I haven’t got half as many on mine as you have (but then I work in a flower shop, not a book shop!) I have given my other half a list of books I want for Christmas too – even though my reading seems to have slowed quite a bit. Just the idea of owning these books, of (ONE DAY) being able to read them…
    It is an illness – we all need help. Though, I fear the only cure may be
    and I just can’t do that. It’ll always be ‘just one more’ for me, I’ m afraid.


      • I’m afraid I never seem to want anything other than books – after so many years, he’s got thoroughly fed up of buying them for me, I think 🙂 I’ve become shamefully slow at reading recently – I’ve probably been reading my book since August too, though it is a 900 page monster. Maybe with these long, dark nights I’ll read more. Maybe.


      • Book selection can be a funny thing. There are a few books I’ve read which I’m surprised I liked and some I’m surprised I didn’t. Not sure how anyone else is supposed to choose for me if I’m incapable of summing up what I like and don’t like myself. That’s why Husband is given a list 🙂


  4. Thankfully, never. I’m like a fat kid eating cake. I read soon as I get the book. Which is why I don’t have a TBR shelf.


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