Lionsgate, Please Refrain From Doing This

This week something happened. Something unfortunate. It was hinted that there could be more films set in Panem. And I absolutely hate the idea.

The Hunger Games books and movies, to me, were so good because of Katniss. Just your regular girl trying to do right and protect her family. And now it seems the studio is willing to do without its brightest star. Any prequel would take place long before the day Katniss so courageously volunteered as tribute. I’m not sure I’d be interested in such a film.

The reasoning for these potential prequels is simple. Money. And supposedly some fans have been disappointed by the lack of arena battles. But it’s mostly money. Before the series came along Lionsgate was well outside the big 6 movie studios. And now they’ve just about made it a big 7. The series isn’t wholly responsible for that, but it’s pretty damn close. So now Lionsgate is trying to milk its cash cow for every last penny.

It isn’t surprising. And I won’t even say they can’t make quality movies, but I just hate that no story is ever really complete in today’s movie business.

By the way, nothing is official at this point. But it will be. You watch.

Are you interested in these potential prequels to the four movies already in the series?

22 thoughts on “Lionsgate, Please Refrain From Doing This

  1. Lack of arena battles? Really? Talk about missing the effing point… just makes you wonder if those people who were disappointed would go for the real thing? Probably… I guess that’s the point of dystopian fiction, though… to highlight the underbelly of society and show what could happen if it became a reality.

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  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie about Haymitch’s Hunger Games although that’s actually already been done by a group on Youtube who made a pretty fantastic short film about it. ( I’ll admit, Suzanne Collins was so creative in her design of the Hunger Games arenas that it’s hard not to be drawn to their spectacle, but to only want THAT is missing the overall ~point~ of the series.

    Plus, I couldn’t agree more that no story is ever complete these days, and that sucks. With the ridiculous roster of no-one-wanted-this sequels coming out in 2016 (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2? Bridget Jones 3? A Barbershop sequel? A Harry Potter prequel that has nothing to do with Harry Potter?), no one growing up in this era is gonna have any idea what closure feels like.


    • I’d also be interested in Haymitch’s Games. But like you said, I’d never ask for that strictly because I want more scenes in the arenas. That’s ridiculous. And yes, why does EVERYTHING need a sequel or prequel or “this has nothing to do with the original, but we’re putting the series name on it.” So frustrating sometimes. Ugh.


  3. Oh god no! Why can’t Hollywood just leave well enough alone. Now, if Suzanne Collins wants to write other books like J. K. Rolling….then maybe. But I wouldn’t trust the movie industry to to mess it up.


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