Writing Pet Peeves #12: Consistently Wrong

I’ve forgotten about this series for a few months, but now it’s making a comeback.

Today I’m discussing something I know just about everyone has encountered. People who are consistently wrong. Don’t forget we’re still talking writing here.

Have you ever found a grammar or spelling error in someone’s writing and then told them about it? Just so they can correct it, at least in the future. Then one of three things happens. They ignore you and the error is bound to happen again. They realize their mistake but make no effort to change anything. Or they’ll experience some sort of “Ohhhhh” moment and that particular error may not happen as often in the future.

In the past when I’ve pointed out a mistake in someone’s writing I’ve rarely experienced the third scenario. Mostly one of the first two. It just makes me scratch my head.

Which of the three examples do you see most often when you point out a mistake in someone’s writing? Or is there a fourth one I didn’t consider?

4 thoughts on “Writing Pet Peeves #12: Consistently Wrong

  1. More often than not I experience the third option but that’s why the folks I work with ask me to look stuff over, because they’ve seen the work I do and word gets out.

    There is a fourth option which is really rare. I’ll point out an error and they’ll ask me to elaborate. I do elaborate and it sparks what usually turns out to be a Wonderful conversation. They may not fix the error but we both know where the other stands on the issue.


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