Bye Bye, Paperbacks

I think mass market paperbacks may be a thing of the past for me, at least for the time being. Before I worked at Half Price Books I’d just about never buy a book during its year of release. There were two reasons for this. First, the price. Many people have no problem spending $15-$20 on a book, but I do. And I won’t do it. So I’d always wait for the paperback version to come out about a year later. They’d typically be around $7.99 on Amazon. About the same as most other stores, but I had two day shipping.

But now everything is different. Those paperbacks I was telling you about? Now they usually cost $2-$2.50. But if I really want to read a book I can get a new release hardcover for $7.49. Usually. So now I’m able to get the hardcover edition of a book within a week or two of its release for the same price as the paperback version on Amazon a year after. I no longer see any reason to wait for that paperback.

So my shelves may be adding plenty of books in the future, but likely not too many mass market paperbacks.

PS: I can get older release hardcovers for $4. So I’m all set. All because I’m at Half Price Books right now.

No real question today because I’ve already asked before about hardcover/paperback preferences. But feel free to comment whatever pops into your head after reading, if anything does.

31 thoughts on “Bye Bye, Paperbacks

    • Down in price? New releases in fiction that people bring in and sell back to us are priced at half the list price. Mostly $13.99. Older fiction hardcovers are priced at $7.99. If it’s a used item I get 50% off. Our brand new bestseller kind of books are priced at 20% off the list price. So they haven’t gone down. I’m just an employee.


  1. I buy paperbacks only if they are thick back books. I try to buy hardback books. I also usually get hardback books when I go to the library for a book sale. Paperback don’t last long.


  2. I actually replace my hardcovers with paperbacks, too. I don’t usually like hardcovers. Idk why, I guess they don’t feel as comfortable in my hands? One of those baseless preferences 😆

    On another note, I loooove Half Price Books! I found one close to me and I can’t stop going xD I’ve spent way to much on books and CDs there….

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    • See, I was about to call you a crazy too. BUT then you said you like HPB. 😁 Was it me that got you to look for one? Or did you just happen to find one? They’re great. I’ll probably get all my books there going forward. No reason not to.


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