Look at This Vending Machine!

I haven’t bought a single Christmas present this year and I’m still quite happy the holiday season is coming to an end. I seriously hate that no one in my family listens when I say I don’t want anything. It’s ridiculous that they feel obligated to give me something I definitely don’t need or want. I don’t even believe in the stupid day. Ugh.

Anyway, I can’t do much about unwanted gifts here in the US. I could perhaps take them back with the original or gift receipt, but then I’d just have to replace them with something else I don’t need. But those living in Germany have another option. They can take their unwanted gifts to a vending machine that will be going around various shopping malls that does something rather amazing. It takes your unwanted gift and replaces it with a new release book! Has there been anything greater, ever? And the gifts are donated to charity!

I’ll be stuck with some unwanted and unnecessary gifts in a few days, but at least in Germany they can do something about it. I’ll just pretend to like whatever I get.

What do you think of this vending machine replacing unwanted gifts with new books?

13 thoughts on “Look at This Vending Machine!

  1. I haven’t celebrated christmas in years. I just don’t understand the concept. When I tell people I don’t do christmas all hell breaks loose. I don’t like gifts or cards or having attention drawn towards me. I’ve always wondered what they thought after I left my old job, in my cabinet I left 15 years of unopened presents and cards. Have a happy day off…


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