All I Want for Christmas is…

For it to be over.

The decorations can go back into the garage. The music can stop playing. People will stop questioning why I have a different opinion (gasp!) than just about everyone else.

People will stop complaining about it being so hot here. I’ll finally be able to do a little more at work because the store won’t be full of people. And I’ll see my family the one time this year. How fun. But hey, my birthday is coming up. So it isn’t all bad.

What’s your least favorite part of the holidays?

15 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas is…

  1. My least favorite part of the holidays…the commercialism. For me Christmas is about family and togetherness. Not the gifts or the food or the days beforehand in which food preparation takes place.

    If I never had to spend another hour in a mall hunting for that ‘perfect’ present’ I’d be ecstatic!

    If I never had to hear another Christmas carol I’d be happy.

    If I never had to deal with the MIL stressing over what to feed us and how much to make I’d be over the moon! This little issue is hopefully resolved this year since I made something last night, a pie this morning and it will all be eaten this evening :D.


    • Well the day is almost entirely commercial. So many celebrate just for the sake of doing so. Spending money for no reason and buying gifts because “that’s how it is”, which is fine but I won’t partake. I kinda wish my family would just get together and not exchange gifts at all. Though my siblings mostly listened this year and didn’t give me anything. And one even donated to our big animal shelter like I asked him to. So that was nice.

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  2. Yeah I’m considered a bit of a grinch in my family because I don’t really enjoy anything about Christmas. It’s such a hectic stressful time of year and the focus for most does seem to be just buying things. There’s too much hype. I’m usually tired of the music and decor by the first week stores start putting it out.


  3. Oh, if only I could persuade my family to agree to a ‘no presents’ pact. I’ve been trying for years to no avail. A little while ago, my mum made us all say we’d only spend a minimal amoutn on each other, which was great … It lasted a year! Now she’s back to spending too much on stuff I don’t really want or need. What’s the point?
    As you say – donations to charities would be a much better idea. What’s the matter with us all? We need to leave these buying addictions behind.
    Mind you, if the world stopped spending, both you and I would be out of a job, John!


  4. I guess it depends on who you have to spend Christmas with. I love buying gifts for people – I love hunting for that perfect item, and I don’t care about how much it costs. I’m frugal all year long, and this is the one time of year when I don’t care (or at least, have a little less care) about price tags. I love watching people open the presents I get them even more than I like opening presents I receive. And obviously, I can’t afford to be *that* generous of a friend all year long, so it makes sense to be a once-a-year thing.

    However, my mom’s family doesn’t get that. They constantly give me junk I didn’t ask for or need just because they got it in the Black Friday bargain bin. I’d just as soon get nothing from them, because that would be less depressing. All I asked for this year was Amazon gift cards so I could buy camera equipment and start a video business, but they pretty much just gave me 10+ year old stuff from their closets and random stuff from Ollie’s/Big Lots/obvious Black Friday bargains. If they had put even a fraction of that money towards something I needed, instead of wasting it on garbage like As Seen On TV frying pans and mismatched hand towels, it would have made things better for everyone.

    So despite loving Christmas myself, I kinda feel you. Anyone who just buys people things out of obligation – instead of the genuine desire to see them glow when they open the perfect gift – should probably sit the gift portion out. I don’t think Christmas itself is bad – I think most people just heinously miss the point.


    • I just don’t understand the gifting or receiving. It’s one thing if an eight-year-old asks for something because they don’t know better. I think it becomes a bit more ridiculous when adults are asking for things they don’t absolutely need and can oftentimes afford to buy for themselves. That’s all.


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