Something Incredibly Exciting!

No, I didn’t get a few thousand words of my new story down on paper yet. It’s even more exciting than that. MUCH more exciting.

Last night I did something I’d never done before. *gulp* I booked my first trip! I’ve told some of you all that I’ve never really done any traveling, right? Cause I haven’t. I’ve been on a plane once and I’ve visited only two major cities outside of Texas. Chicago (where the plane I was on landed) and Orlando when I went to Disney World so long ago that I hardly remember it.

Want the details? Yeah? Okay.

So the trip will happen May 23-26 of next year. I’m not sure if people usually plan trips that far in advance, but I’d rather have months of preparation than weeks. And it gives me time to keep saving like I have been. I’ll be visiting one of the cities I’ve wanted to visit since becoming an adult. Washington DC!

Here are the places and monuments I’d like to visit in an ideal world:

Library of Congress
Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
World War 2 National Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
US Capitol
White House
Smithsonian Museum of American History
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
National Holocaust Museum

And if I somehow get through everything I want to see, then I wouldn’t mind spending half a day or so at Six Flags America. I’m so excited for this even though it’s almost six months away.

Of the places I mentioned I think I most want to see the Library of Congress. I mean, I might faint and die when I get inside, but at least I’d be surrounded by books! And it’d be the first time I get to check something off my Bookish Bucket List in forever!

Have you ever visited Washington DC? Do you remember your first trip on your own?

13 thoughts on “Something Incredibly Exciting!

  1. I’ve been several times:) First time I remember I was rather small (5 or 7) and I remember going to the air and space museum, which for little me was kinda boring, but loving the natural history museum. The summer of ’13 and ’14 I visited. First one was with a little road trip with my brothers, and had tickets to see an opera at the Kennedy Center. Our Papa works at the Pentagon, so he gave as a tour there, and set us up in a hotel and spent a couple days with us seeing some of the museums and monuments. The next summer was another road trip and included one of our friends, and we just spent a day at the museums:) I may have gone other times, but I can’t remember.


      • hahaha no you want to switch places with my mom, she used to spend her summers there while her dad worked (although this was my other grandpa) And hmmm, I’ve seen the art, natural history, American history, air and space, and maybe another museum I just can’t remember right now. When we saw the monuments we were on a bus tour so we saw about all of them, and only really for off at the Lincoln memorial. There’s a lot to see and do and big crowds, so you better get comfortable walking shoes and plan out what you want to see the most, cause even with three days you wont have time for everything:)


      • Ugh. Yes. Tell her switch with me. I’m okay if I don’t see everything. I just REALLY want to see the Library of Congress, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the World War 2 memorial. I MUST see those.

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  2. Awesome! Washington DC is one of those places on my list to visit. However I can only hope to travel sometime in the coming year. I too prefer to plan things well in advance because I don’t like to feel rushed and it gives me time to thoroughly determine what I need and want to do.


  3. Air and Space was amazing. natural History was less memorable. Walked from Lincoln Memorial to the Vietnam wall, to the wwii memorial, to the washington monument. Takes a while but is totally worth it. The spy museum was amusing.


  4. I lived in Washington DC for several years. Always loved the Air and Space museum downtown. There’s a new one now out by Dulles airport. I have never been to that one but you’d probably have to drive out to it. Museum of American history has always been a favorite of mine, as has the National Gallery of Art (since I am an art buff). May is a great time of year to go to DC. Much better than later in the summer when it is unbearably hot. You will really enjoy the trip.


    • I honestly think I’d love any of the museums there. There are top notch and very interesting. One day I’ll go and stay a bit longer and see EVERYTHING, but this time around I’ll see what I can and enjoy it all. But yes, I figured May won’t be too hot.


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