Did you say Bookish Tattoo? I did.

A number of you already know I want a few literary tattoos in the future. I want the deathly hallows symbol. But I REALLY want a mockingjay pin. I’ll get both at some point. Might even throw them together somehow. And some of y’all know I got my first book-related tattoo just a couple days after earning my degree to get me started on my writing journey. I got this in May 2013.


It’s on my left forearm. And I just added another to my right forearm last week! Take a look.


“Books are the only freedom I’ll ever know.” If you love or hate the quote, that’s okay. I’m the one who came up with it. 😁

It’s been a long time since I originally wrote about literary tattoos here, so I’ll ask again. Do you have or want any? Tell me your thoughts on my new one? Everyone at work noticed immediately and seems to like it.

20 thoughts on “Did you say Bookish Tattoo? I did.

  1. Nice! A fine addition to your tattoo collection. (At least, the beginnings of the collection, anyway). I’m not a fan of tattoos for myself, but I don’t mind them on other people. And nice job on coming up with the quote yourself! I was trying to place it, but since it’s yours, that’s the reason I couldn’t remember who said it.


  2. Brave guy! 🙂 Looks nice.

    I’m unmarked, and I like the symbolism of that somehow — as if I could go anywhere from here, with no connection to any particular moment defining me — but I have a great many heavily inked friends, and I very much admire all that gorgeous artistry. 🙂


    • Hmmm. I understand that. Though I knew as a teen I wanted tattoos. I seriously love them. And it’s one of those things that tells a part of my story, you know? My other visible is my university logo and grad year. So people see that one and those and know I’m a college graduate, writer, and obsessed with books. Not so bad. 😊


  3. I love that quote, and I love that you have a tattoo of it. Personally, I’m such a hard-core bad-ass the needle is incapable of penetrating my skin. Sigh, I guess that’s the price you pay when you have the bloodline of a god.


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