On Calvin and Hobbes

I’ve mentioned on here before that I run the performing arts section of my store.  And also that it includes games and humor. I haven’t mentioned that it includes conic strips, at least I don’t think I have.

I see lots of Peanuts, Garfield, Far Side, Dilbert, and Calvin and Hobbes. With the last of those being the best selling strip.

But I don’t know much about it. I’ve asked my girlfriend and coworkers about it and no one has had a negative thing to say about the boy and his tiger. And then I randomly saw (without searching for) the final strip ever published. I can’t be certain of it, but it does seem like a solid ending point. And I immediately wanted to start from the beginning. I’m not sure how to describe the little I’ve read (I have a book at work I sometimes glance at), but I know I want to read every strip.

Which means I want this! My girlfriend has told me multiple times that she’d buy it for me if I don’t want to spend the money, but I’ve said no. I still really want it, though. Ugh.

What are your memories of Calvin and Hobbes?

12 thoughts on “On Calvin and Hobbes

  1. I’m pretty sure there is a complete Calvin and Hobbes on my bookshelf somewhere, because my fiancé loves it and he brought a lot of the anthologies with him when he moved in. I’m not super familiar with it, but from what I’ve seen it isn’t bad. Maybe I’ll crack that book open sometime ^_^


  2. Oh man, the full set!!! That looks awesome.
    I loved Calvin and Hobbes growing up, and I read it quite frequently after reaching adulthood, as well. He’s very funny, extremely witty, a little cynical, a lot political, and makes you see things differently–especially since Calvin ponders ideas and subjects far beyond his years. I know you’ll love it.


  3. I’ve read Calvin and Hobbs off and on for years. I’m not terribly familiar with the strip but I do know it had a huge cultural impact. You should buy the box set as the money will be worth it if it gives you hours and hours of pleasure.


  4. Was first introduced to C and H in high school. My brother was the big comic collector of the family, but only superhero stuff. I brought C and H home and we laughed and laughed together. Great stuff.


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