A Reversal

Have you ever believed in one thing for so long and then suddenly had a change of heart? I think this is what politicians might call “evolving”. Well I’ve recently realized that I’ve also done it.

For the longest time I refused to write book reviews. I still don’t. I don’t write them. But I do review the books I read. And in 2016 I plan on reviewing just about every book I read for my challenge and the Amazon list. So I may not actually write reviews, but I do review what I read.

Which of course started back in 2014 when I’d discuss the books I read from Amazon’s list. Then I started my channel in June and expanded the practice. And now I have my reading challenge. I could end up reviewing ten books this year or 75. I don’t see anything wrong with changing my stance on reviews. I think every blogger should be open to a change in content over time. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

Have you changed your stance on anything during the course of your blogging?

7 thoughts on “A Reversal

  1. Not sure I have, though I haven’t been blogging half as long as you, so that may change in the future.
    My notion when I started my blog was to write about anything to do with books/words/publishing/my own writing – a vague enough remit that’s been easy to follow (my blog being as ramshackle and flighty as my thought processes – hence me naming it Word Shamble!)
    I don’t write reviews, though, as I don’t think my brain is incisive enough to do a decent dissection of how a book works and why. I’m way too vague to be of any use to anyone else 🙂


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