If I Won the Powerball…

Leading up to Wednesday’s drawing #IfIWonthePowerball was trending on Twitter. People from all over the country were describing what they’d do with their pile of cash. Because you know, everyone just knew they’d be the winner.

For my international readers, the Powerball is one of several different lotteries we have in the US. There hadn’t been a winner in 20 drawings and the prize exploded to nearly $1.6 billion. Yes, billion. Three winners will split the prize after Wednesday’s drawing.

Moving on. The lump sum option of the jackpot came out to around $187 million after taxes. So here’s what I’d do with that money.

I’d hire a team of financial advisors and accountants.

I’d donate no less than $10 million to my local animal shelter because those animals and volunteers need resources a lot more than I need that money.

I’d donate $1 million to my local library system.

I’d donate $1 million in books to my local school district and pay to have all textbooks updated to current editions.

I’d start a non-profit organization to promote literacy at the elementary level.

I’d build a 4,500 square foot home in which bookshelves line every wall.

I’d visit every historic library in the world.

I’d launch a scholarship program for any students who have a great interest in books.

I’d launch a separate scholarship program for students interested in pursuing any kind of writing degree.

I’d donate no less than $5 million to the Lone Survivor Foundation.

I’d give every member of my immediate family a $10,000 gift card to Half Price Books.

Lastly, I’d buy first row season tickets to the Astros, Texans, and Rockets for the rest of my life.

After all of that I’d be left with more money than I could ever spend. But I don’t need $187 million to be happy or to do good things. I’ll do just fine without it.

What would you do if you’d won the Powerball?

6 thoughts on “If I Won the Powerball…

  1. So amazing!
    I never knew that you were an animal person! We have something in common! *hi-5!*
    I actually have a post on my blog about what I’ll do if I won $1 million. 😂
    And books are in that list. Along with travelling and so many others things that probably that $1 Million won’t be enough.


  2. Well, I never played the Powerball, but I don’t know what I’d do with all that money–after paying my school loans, I would…I don’t know 🙂

    But I like what you said about investing the money into the community and giving family $10,000 gift cards to Half Price Books!


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