“Making a Murderer” Book to be Published by Penguin Random House in UK

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, then you’ve surely caught wind of the buzz around their documentary series Making a Murderer. It was filmed over a decade and chronicles the conviction, subsequent release, and second conviction of Steven Avery.

The Innocent Killer was originally published by the American Bar Association. The book is currently out of stock on Amazon’s US website. Penguin Random House will release the book in the UK in print on February 1.

I’ve only read one true crime book that I can think of, but I’ve found that they can read and be written much the same as a novel. The reader just has to keep in mind that the events being described were real and happened to real people. I’d think it’d be easier to appreciate the story when this is taken into account, even if the book isn’t written as well as your favorite author’s books.

Have you seen or heard of Making a Murderer? Are you interested in this book about the entire thing?


6 thoughts on ““Making a Murderer” Book to be Published by Penguin Random House in UK

    • Documentaries done right are usually done well. So I think it’ll easily be able to keep my interest. And I think the guy is an interesting case. But I’m not going to just side with the guy like everyone else has before I see for myself.


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