A Book in the Snow

Wait, what?

I know not all of you are in the US, but most of you are. Which means most of you are aware of the massive snow storm currently ravaging the east coast. The storm is said to affect some 75 million people in several states. If you’re in its path, stay warm and safe. Second, is there any better time to pick up a new book than when you’re snowed in by two feet of snow? I think not.

I can’t say for sure because living in Texas means snow once every ten years, but I think it’d be a good time to get reading. And the book I’d pick up would be one of my writing books I haven’t yet read. I figure I’d be able to focus more when I’m not thinking of doing anything else away from home.

Oh, I’d also be sure to knock off one of the books from my 2016 reading challenge!

Which book are you planning on picking up? If you’re somewhere away from the storm (like me), which book would you start while snowed in?

29 thoughts on “A Book in the Snow

  1. The Mortal Instruments. We started watching the television show it inspired so now I want to see what all the fuss was about before I get the actors faces stuck in my brain and can’t see who/what my imagination wants to put in there instead.


  2. And living in CA means snow once every never 😅 Also rain once every never 😵 (but we’re actually getting some now 👍🏼) I don’t think it’s legitimately snowed anywhere in CA other than the mountains since I’ve been alive…or at least it hasn’t in the places I’ve lived xD

    But I’ve been wanting to read a couple books by John Updike and George Orwell. Also The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. And I’ve been meaning to get back into Game of Thrones….and finally get around to reading The Great Gatsby. I also want to read The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Martian.

    Basically my ambitions for rainy day reading far exceed the amount of rainy days I actually get…😑


      • 1984 wasn’t that great? I just saw it on Goodreads and thought it sounded interesting, haha. And yeah, everyone I know who’s read The Perks of being a Wallflower has really liked it, so I’m looking forward to it. 🙂


      • I haven’t yet, no. I wanted to read the book before I did, because I’m one of those people….(kidding, not really. But sometimes 😁) So I don’t know how close to the book it is and if it even matters if I watch it before reading it or not, heh…


  3. I just started reading Lost for Words. shrug. It followed me home from the library. LOL. And it snowed in Campbell Ca in my lifetime. It also rained so severely one winter the whole neighborhood flooded and I used an inflatable to paddle over to friends houses. Good times.


  4. That’s one hell of a snowstorm – best wishes to all struggling under the weight of it and keep safe.
    Any story that makes you feel cosy is one that’s good when the weather is being cruel. So, anything you’re really enjoying will probably do the trick. I’m reading Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere at the moment and loving it. That, a warm blanket and a steady supply of hot tea and I’m sorted 🙂


      • Saw today, the big clear-up’s underway – on the news it said most people had paid attention to advice and stayed at home, which has kept down casualties, thank goodness. Still shows that when mother nature wants to kick our backsides, there’s only so much even the biggest cities in the world can do to combat her. We’re expecting that storm front tomorrow, but the snow has turned to gallons of rain – so situation normal for the UK!


      • Yes. I’ve read the same. I just can’t imagine not having power for any length of time during something like that. The most recent death number I read was 14. Hopefully it’s still that low. And we also get lots of rain here. Multiple floods a year, but no snow. Not really.

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      • Yes, bad enough for the weather to be so awful, but to be without power too. Some people must have been so cold. It’s tragic that anyone’s died, but I suppose that’s a low figure. We’re getting more flooding as the years go by – most recently in parts of the north, where cars could be seen floating down high streets and whole towns had to be evacuated. I suspect it will only get worse, I’m afraid.


      • I read the number climbed to 32 last night. And the number of people without power was always very low. I guess snowstorms aren’t as bad on power lines as hurricanes or thunderstorms. Houston has some nice things in place to protect people when it floods because we’re a pretty low lying city. Freeways close. And mechanical arms are bring introduced at the entrances of tunnels once they’ve flooded to keep drivers out. Things like that.

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      • So sad for the total to climb so dramatically – tragic. Sounds like you’re well protected there. The fear I have, as sea levels rise, is that eventually those of us – such as you and I – who live at sea level will eventually have to move, or love on houseboats!


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