Books Bought in 2015

I was planning on writing this post at the beginning of the year, but sometimes blogging is a constantly changing task. So I’ve been posting about other things in the meantime. But now we’re here and ready to go.

2015 was the first year in which I tracked my book purchases. It makes sense if you really think about it. I have all of my books on a list in Word. I have all of the authors in an Excel spreadsheet. I have a list of the best books I’ve read. And I track how much time I spend reading. So it makes sense for me to track the number of books I buy.

I’d intended to include all of the books here, but I won’t do that. I’ll just give you some highlights instead.

I bought 37 books in 2015.

25 were bought from Half Price Books.

5 were bought from Amazon.

1 was bought from Barnes and Noble.

And Harry Potter books 3-7 were bought from a girl on an app.

7 books were new. The rest were used.

The average price of the books I bought was $3.74.

The most expensive book was The Strain at $9.34.

There were several I bought for $1.50.

Of the books bought in 2015, I’ve now read 9 of them. Welp.

That’s it. Feel free to ask me about particular titles or anything. But what I want to know is which books you bought in 2015 and how much you spent. Unless it’s $921 and you’re embarrassed. Then I understand. Ha!

19 thoughts on “Books Bought in 2015

  1. It’s so weird! I have also been wanting to post about my 2015 book haul and intended it to be up by the beginning of the year but now January’s almost over and I still haven’t! I should catch up.
    Also, wow! These prices are amazing, I wish I could get such ones where I live (but the shipping alone costs about three times the price of the book)


  2. What a good idea to keep track like that. I used to list authors and books in a journal so I could remember new-to-me authors. But it became too much and I gave it up. But books I have read, or bought, is less cumbersome.


      • I’ll remember the book, usually, but may not the author. Then I’m so frustrated when I want to read another one but I can’t. Of course with the nook, and that’s usually how I make all my book purchases, it isn’t an issue. But if I’m at the library or a bookstore? Forget it. Hence, I like your idea.


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