Another Trump Book

Ugh. Donald Trump isn’t fading in the most recent polls released. He’s actually widening the gap between himself and his GOP counterparts. So it isn’t surprising to see another book about Trump climbing up the bestseller charts on Amazon.

But this time it’s something we can laugh at. The book is written by a comedian. And it’s called Trump Temptation: The Billionaire and the Bell Boy. 😂 It’s already been rated 174 times on Amazon. And it’s ranked #365 in the Kindle store. I’m not sure it’ll be able to become a NYT bestseller, but it really doesn’t matter. If we’re forced to hear about Trump because of his standing in the polls, then I want more things like this.

Are you interested in some Trump erotica? I’m not. But it’s only $1.99 on Kindle. Ha!

27 thoughts on “Another Trump Book

  1. He certainly splits opinion – reminds me a little of our own ex-Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher for that. Many of us loathed her, but she kept being re-elected – terrifying. I wonder if the U.S will find itself in the same situation with Trump?
    And I’m definitely in the URGH camp – can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t be!


    • Oh I don’t see that happening. He leads nationally in one party. But trails the two candidates he’d face in the November election by large margins. I’ve kept up with the polling and candidates for months. If he won the nomination I think it’d be a victory for the Democrats. No matter if it’s Hilary or Bernie Sanders. And I think both are qualified to be president. He isn’t. Not even close.

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