On Author Events (again)

We don’t have too many author signings at my store. We have some. They’re generally on Saturday afternoons and the store manager makes announcements so customers know who the author is and what they’re promoting. We had one last Saturday and it got me thinking.

The author was a local author who was more of a big deal than we’d hosted in recent months. So her books were available to purchase from the store instead of from her. And she had a reading.

But her event got me thinking about what the store could do for me. Some co workers of mine have told me I should do one there, but I don’t know. I mean, I’m sure the fact that I work there would help me sell more books, but still. It isn’t only about selling as many books as I can. It’d be weird promoting a book I wrote almost three years ago, a book that isn’t as good as it could be.

But on the other hand, it would be nice to somewhat get back into the swing of things as a writer.

I need to write something new. Maybe then I’d be more comfortable doing an event? I don’t know.

What would you do?


14 thoughts on “On Author Events (again)

  1. I think if I would write a new book. But then if I had self-published the first one I would take another look at it to see how it could be improved because if people like the new book they may well look for the older one. I think you have an exciting ready-made opportunity there; go for it. Wish I had a similar option…


  2. I found my local writers group through NANO (lol). And I do events with them. It’s was a great way to get my toes wet before branching out. I still haven’t done a book store, that just seems too much for me at this point.


  3. I don’t know. I would personally feel uncomfortable doing a signing somewhere I worked, but that’s my own neurosis. But it would be nice to take advantage of the opportunity if you can pull it off.


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