There’s More Than Just Hogwarts!

Tell me you haven’t heard the news today? Or maybe yesterday? Mrs. Rowling announced that there are more wizarding schools than Hogwarts. And the best part of it is there’s likely one near you!

I can’t remember all the names at the moment, but there are two more in Europe. There’s one in North America. There’s one in South America. There’s one in Asia. And one in Africa. Which means there’s a school of magic for all regions of the world.

She also said the schools are generally located in mountainous regions, which leads me to wonder about the exact location of the North American school.

What do you think of there being more schools!? And where do you think the nearest one is to you? I think she said there are 11 more besides Hogwarts.

44 thoughts on “There’s More Than Just Hogwarts!

  1. I knew there were. Durmstrang and the one in France were introduced in Goblet Of Fire.
    As for where the one closest to me would be? Ummmm, Appalachian Mountains is the closest mountainous region, I think. At least mountains that are mountains instead of glorified ant hills, lol.


  2. I believe she alluded to this some years ago. I know I’ve read it in the past, that there was, in fact, a school in America when she was questioned in an interview about other wizarding schools. It would have been incredibly short-sighted of her not to have schools in other areas of the world. And she is anything but short-sighted.


  3. I’ve been to most of the mountain ranges in the USA… I think if there is a school in the states, it would be in the Olympic National Park somewhere. It is, by far, the most enchanting forest I’ve had the pleasure of hiking through.


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