More Harry Potter Coloring Books!

I’ve written about adult coloring books on here before, because they’re more popular than you can imagine. The original one came out last year and I’m certain the store was able to sell every single one of them. That doesn’t happen with too many books. It doesn’t happen with hardly any of them. But the Harry Potter coloring books were huge sellers. And now there are more to pick from.

I think I’ve seen three more books in what I guess I can call a series, right? And I bet someone somewhere is coming up with several more to add in the future. So I figure I might as well throw in an idea or two. I think they should release a coloring book that focuses entirely on Hermione. And then another one that focuses on quidditch. And maybe one that focuses on the Battle of Hogwarts. There. If Scholastic uses one of these ideas in the future I’ll sue for damages and make millions. Hehehe.

What do you think of more of these coloring books being released so soon after the original debuted? Also, is there a particular coloring book you’d like to see more than something else? The four are “Magical Creatures”, “Magical Places and Characters”, “Artifacts”, along with the original one. Only two of them have actually been released as of yet.

4 thoughts on “More Harry Potter Coloring Books!

  1. I like your money-making idea. Genius! 🙂
    Right now I’m kind of over Harry Potter. Not that I don’t love it and always will, but it’s been everywhere again and I’d personally like to see something fresh. Props to Ms. Rowling for creating something so lasting, though.
    I suppose if I were to get my hands on a HP coloring book, I’d want it to focus on iconic scenes from the books, and ones that included the setting, not just the people. Such as: the tunnels under Hogwarts when the Trio tracked Professor Quirrel in book one. Or the Chamber of Secrets when Harry fights the snake. I, of course, would LOVE to see Hermione in them, so spot on with that.


    • Hahaha yes! I actually think a coloring book on the Chamber of Secrets would be great. Throw Tom Riddle in there. The basilisk. Something with the sword of Gryffindor. I think a coloring book with each of the three main characters would also be great.


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