This Week in Books #1: “Hot Dudes Reading” Gets a Book Deal

Welcome to my first post in my new series “This Week in Books” on Johnny Reads. If you didn’t watch my video from Sunday, then you likely have no idea what I’m talking about. Basically every Friday I’m going to discuss one to three different stories I’ve been reading about in the world of books. It’s no different from what you’ve grown accustomed to reading on here, but now it’ll be a kind of weekly mashup of a few different stories. Some you’ll likely be aware of, and others might be completely new to you.

I’ve wanted to make a video on this topic since the second I read about it. Hot Dudes Reading is a popular Instagram account that shows photos of men reading in public. But it’s OH SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT, and I have a lot to say about it. A LOT.

You might find yourself nodding your head in agreement when you hear what I have to say or you might find yourself shaking your head, but I’d still encourage you to listen to what I have to say  (especially if you’re unfamiliar with the account) because I’m quite curious to know where you stand on this, no matter if we agree or not.

So, here is my first video in my new series “This Week in Books”.

10 thoughts on “This Week in Books #1: “Hot Dudes Reading” Gets a Book Deal

  1. “Hot Dudes Reading” makes me so uncomfortable. I thought the concept was so cool until I read the captions. This account has such a large platform, they could be promoting books and reading. What it feels like is a rip-off. They are using sex to sell. A page from the Hollywood handbook. I’m not surprised they got a book deal. Book deals go to projects that publishers think will sell which is a whole debate in and of itself. It all makes me sad.

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    • We feel the exact same way about it. The way the account is run is beyond ignorant to me. Except instead of people speaking out about it they’re commenting things that are right in line with the captions of the pictures. Which like you said, promote nothing but sex.

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