On Sherlock Holmes

I’ve been reading crime fiction since at least high school. My memory tells me I started with Jesse Stone, a former LAPD homicide detective who becomes the chief of police in Paradise, Massachusetts after interviewing drunk. I’ve moved on to several more detectives in the years since opening my first Jesse Stone novel.

But there’s a literary giant missing from my shelves and piles of books. Sherlock Holmes. I mean, Sherlock is a pioneer of crime fiction. What am I doing not at least reading the novels? I don’t know. But I do know that his stories are still in fairly high demand because I’m asked for them each week. I could be wrong, but they might even be on a school reading list down here.

This is one of those times I just acknowledge that there are way more books available than I’ll ever be able to read. I imagine at some point I’ll get my hands on a Sherlock Holmes story. Or at least I’ll watch the TV show or movies. One day.

Are there any iconic authors or characters in your favorite genre you haven’t read?

15 thoughts on “On Sherlock Holmes

  1. I haven’t read much Neil Gaiman, despite him being one of the more similar authors to me (I’m not nearly as talented, of course, but we explore similar themes in our work). As far as fantasy/sci-fi authors go in general, I could name more authors I haven’t read than authors I have. You’re right – sometimes there are just too many books in the world.


  2. That’s a really good question. I tend to glom onto an author I enjoy and read everything until they die. And then continue to read everything their estate churns out. I love thrillers, detective stories and fantasy stories.I was recently recommended to try Matthew Reilly books. So this author is on my to read list.


  3. I’m working through Sherlock right now. While I do enjoy the novels, the short stories do tend to get tedious after a while. I tried to read Austin as part of my goal to read more classics, but I can’t stand her. (ducks for cover)


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