Fifty Shades of Nada

What I’ve noticed in my six months of working in a bookstore is that the buying trends at the store level essentially match the buying trends at the national level. The really popular books nationwide are also really popular at Half Price Books. There are a number of books that simply cannot be kept in stock because they’re consistently bought. But then there are other books that are consistently sold back to the store and not bought as much by the public. One of the series we see a lot of but that isn’t flying off the shelf happens to be written by EL James.

I see people buying Zane, Maya Banks, and other erotica authors; but not as much EL James as you might expect. I’m saying this knowing exactly how popular Grey was last year, but perhaps the series as a whole has lost just a little bit of steam. Perhaps.

Do you think the Fifty Shades is still as popular as it’s been before? I think it’s still popular, but maybe just a notch or two lower than before.

18 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Nada

  1. I think pretty much everyone who wanted to read this book has read it or seen the movie. What I wonder is when is James is going to write something else? I want to see her own writing, not fan fiction gone erotic.


  2. I’m not sure why she isn’t as popular unless it’s because everyone who was interested in reading those books has done so already? I haven’t read, nor do I intend to, any of the Grey books.


  3. I think a lot of copies were sold because of the media and peer pressure. When you actually read the books, it’s like the reaction when the drugs wore off at the Grateful Dead concert. You realize that the product isn’t all that good.


  4. I’m not shocked about “50 Shades” lowering a notch in popularity. Most trends have a peak, then slow down. EL James made waves last year with “Grey” and the movie of “50 Shades.” But I have to wonder if she’ll expand from that story and write other stories. JK Rowling has shown that she wasn’t a one-trick pony by publishing other stories that didn’t involve Harry Potter. Can EL James do the same thing?


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