Is Donald Trump Actually Lord Voldemort?

Oh geez. I’m on the floor laughing. Let me tell you what’s going on. The race for the White House is quickly dwindling down to a more reasonable number. Which means the candidates still in the race are lobbying for fundraising. Well Marco Rubio’s team has put a different spin on it. They’ve said he’s the equivalent of Harry Potter in his fight against Voldemort (Donald Trump).

Guys, this is a real thing. In a fundraising email sent out to supporters Trump is said to have made several horcruxes just like Voldemort, and the horcruxes are the other candidates in the race not named Rubio.

The last few months of this cycle have been unexpected, but never did I think of Trump as the Dark Lord. Maybe Rubio is on to something. Maybe he is the Dark Lord and that’s how he’s built up a nice following. Or maybe I’m losing it? Ha!

Serious question now. Do you think Donald Trump is Lord Voldemort? I think I’m not sure. I mean, would Voldemort settle for that hair? 😂

21 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump Actually Lord Voldemort?

  1. I suspect he is Voldemort – when you’re a presidential candidate and even the Pope is dissing you, you know you’ve turned over to the dark side! Though Voldemort had no nose … Trump’s could be a prosthetic nose to match the prosthetic hair 🙂


  2. The difference is that Voldemort was smart. Trump is more like Gilderoy Lockhart. He wrote books and told everyone how great he was, but had no substance. Now, if you had asked if Bernie Sanders is Dumbledore, you might have an argument there.


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