I Have No Time to Read

*sad face*

I really have no time to read right now. And the reason is not because I work full time. Anyone who says they can’t read solely because of a regular 40 hour work week is probably not trying hard enough to find time. Now obviously things like family responsibilities might cut into one’s reading time, but I no longer take just work as an excuse unless we’re talking major overtime.

Anyway, my reason is different. I’m currently working on getting my real estate license and I devote hours a day to my current class. It isn’t difficult, but very time consuming. So when I’m not at work, at the gym, or working toward finishing my real estate courses, I’m sleeping. Cause I need sleep. Oh well.

What’s kept you from reading the most?

35 thoughts on “I Have No Time to Read

  1. Work, family, writing, blogging – falling asleep in bed with the book over my face šŸ™‚
    A real estate license? Interesting. You planning on leaving the book shop, then?


  2. Not much, honestly. Unless I’m enmeshed in my writing that I literally spend every waking hour on it, I can find ways to read no matter what I’m doing. Last summer wasn’t my most widely read summer, but that was because I was traveling everywhere while in Washington and only felt like re-reading comfort books instead of branching out. However, I still read over 200 books last year, so I don’t feel it was a waste.
    Real estate, huh? Cool! What brought you into that idea for a career? Is the Houston market burgeoning? Good luck with all your classes!


    • Well you’re not human. So you don’t count. I was actually planning on getting my license before I ever applied at Half Price Books. But I was talked out of it. Not this time. I think the Houston market is a solid place to be. Affordability. And plenty of homes available in such a big city. I have six classes. I plan on finishing one a week. Hopefully.


      • I’m plenty human. I just read faster than some people.
        Well good luck in all your classes! It’s always exciting to begin a new venture.
        Oh! By the way, do you still want me contributing with posts at times? I know it’s been a while, but don’t feel bad, I haven’t been as good at updating my own blog, either.


  3. Getting my chemistry degree left absolutely no time for reading. Or writing. Or fun. Especially on the semesters I was taking a full 18 hours, or even MORE in some circumstances.

    I’ve been reading every night before bed for a few months now, and that works really well. I’ve finished almost four books this month! I don’t remember the last time I did that. I think I’ve told you this before, but I think I have you to thank for why I actively made time for reading again. You reminded me how important it is.

    Good luck with the real estate stuff! My real estate agent last year seemed to really enjoy his job. He had to go out on the weekends and evenings to show houses, but it seemed like he didn’t have to be in the office much. So it seems like a good option if you’d like to see your city and meet people and not have to stare at a screen all day.


    • I know those semesters. I had three 18 hour semesters. They wouldn’t allow me to take 21. I tried. But since my degree is in CJ, which I’m almost certain you know, I was actually able to read more in college than ever before. I usually had class four days a week and worked part-time the other three. Which amounted to a lot of days getting home at 12:00 or 3:00, which is obviously really early. I also didn’t have to study because I actually paid attention to lectures and took great notes.
      Thanks! And I think I’ll be a good fit in real estate. One of the things I seriously don’t like right now is working 2:30-10:30 three nights a week. So I won’t have anymore of those nights and I’ll be able to do so much work at home.


  4. No matter how much I’ve got going on, I read every night to cleanse my brain’s pallet. There are those days when I wake up with my Kindle on my chest having fallen asleep mid-sentence. It is therapy for me.


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