I Might be Losing It

And by “it” I mean my sanity.

Last night I went to sleep a little late, even for me. Probably around 4:15. Had work at 10:00. But that’s not the crazy part. 4:15 isn’t THAT abnormal. Happens maybe once a week randomly. But I think I actually dreamed about blogging topics. Yikes. But I’m not sure. I might have just woken up multiple times thinking of blogging.

But I couldn’t remember any of the topics I’d “dreamed” of when I finally woke up for good. Welp.

I’m serious, guys. This is weird. It isn’t like I dream of books or something all the time. Or maybe I do and I just forget? Oh geez. Help.

Am I crazy?

7 thoughts on “I Might be Losing It

  1. Definitely not! When I’m approaching a busy period (Christmas/Valentine’s/Mothers Day) I dream of flowers – forgetting to make an order, ballsing something up in some way – rowing with my boss. It’s just a way to process all the rubbish rattling round your subconscious.
    I had a dream about a book idea once – I knew it was perfect, a brilliant concept, original, beautifully formed and rounded. Woke up and couldn’t remember a thing!
    Still irritates me.


      • Haha! No, it’ll be mountains of books, threatening to tumble down and flatten you! If only I could remember that idea, I’m sure I’d be a bestseller now too 🙂


      • A little hypnosis, you think? But what if some shrink opens up my head and I find the idea was rubbish after all? Tricky. And a Narnia-esque journey through a bookshelf sounds a much better option. Let’s go for that, then 🙂


  2. You are not. It happens. I dream of an amazing idea for a story, full action packed and all, and then I forget.
    Although, if sleeping at 4:15 isn’t abnormal, then I wonder what is XD


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