A not so February Review

I’m not in the mood to write up a February review. It was a pretty average month on here. I kind of hit a snag recently and actually missed a day for the first time since LAST January. But it’s okay. I successfully started my new series on the YouTube channel. This Week in Books is fun to do and the topics are usually pretty different from one another.

The real high point last month was that I released SIX videos! Easily the most I’ve done, and probably the basement for what I’ll be doing in months to come. Cause I didn’t like any of the Top Five Wednesday topics, but I know I like at least one this month.

That’s all for now. How many of my videos did you actually watch?! And how was your February?

PS: I’ll be contacting the winner of my giveaway with in the next few days.

4 thoughts on “A not so February Review

  1. February was a pretty kick butt month for me. Over 60,000 words rewritten for my first book and I read about 20 books, which is less than last month’s 30some books. Yay!!! I hope March is equally as fabulous, especially since I’ve started getting up at the armpit of dawn to write most days. It’s going so well I can’t believe it!


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