This Week in Books #4: World Book Day and Hachette gets bigger

No video this week because I’m still sniffling and coughing. Which makes it difficult to record. But I do have two more topics to discuss today. I’ll dive right in.

The first is that Hachette, already one of the largest publishers in the US, acquired Perseus Books. Which means a huge publisher just got even bigger and one of the largest independent publishers is no longer independent. The deal adds several imprints to Hachette and probably more than $100M in revenue each year. How great it is for publishing, right?

The other topic is World Book Day. It was yesterday. The day celebrates all things books. Writers. Illustrators. Readers. Everything. And I think the founding organization also donates books or gives out book vouchers to kids. That’s nice, but there are way too many people who don’t take it seriously. What I mean is they tweet out stuff or post pictures on Instagram strictly to get likes or maybe new followers. They don’t care about actually promoting books. They don’t care about people who have no access to books while they consistently read the latest YA bestseller. And they don’t care about literacy. All they care about is their stupid social media accounts that amount to shit. If you want to be about promoting books and literacy, then be about promoting books and literacy. It’s actually really simple.

What do you think of a huge publisher getting bigger? Have any thoughts on World Book Day?

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