On Reading Recommendations…Again

Any regular reader of mine knows my position on recommending books. I don’t do it. For a number of reasons. But I work in a bookstore. You wouldn’t believe how many people make the trip without knowing what they’re looking for.

I’ve recommended some of my favorite series. I’ve recommended authors I’m only slightly familiar with. And I’ve recommended books I’ve never read before. It’s a little funny when I think about it. But I’ve done it. And now I’ve realized that I embrace the opportunity to directly influence the reading of another person. It’s always interesting to have someone tell you what they like and be able to at least give them a recommendation. They may hate it. They may not buy the book. Or they may end up loving it and returning to your store for more.

I’ll still never recommend books on here. But whenever someone asks for a recommendation at my store, well I may jump at the chance.

2 thoughts on “On Reading Recommendations…Again

  1. I can relate, I take recommending for friends very serious – I don’t recommend based on my tastes but what I know of theirs. For example, I was broken hearted to tell one of my deeply religious friends that, no the “Game of Thrones” book series was probably not for her.


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