Adult Coloring Books are More Than a Fad

I’ve written about these little guys multiple times on here, but there’s always more to tell. Last summer adult coloring books really took off. Johanna Basford’s two books are typically noted as having led the way. Then just about every major publisher and brand arranged to release their own. I’ve seen Disney princesses, Game of ThronesFrozen, two of the four Potter ones, and more. It makes sense. These are still new to consumers. And every one of these popular series or brands has their own fan base.

I anticipate plenty of new ones being released in 2016. I mean, Disney releases popular movies every year. And there’s that whole Batman vs. Superman movie coming out soon.

Last year several of the top selling books on Amazon were coloring books. This year might add more.

What’s the most interesting adult coloring book you’ve come across?

15 thoughts on “Adult Coloring Books are More Than a Fad

  1. I have so many of these~ a coworker twice my age got me into them, as our job is quite stressful (I also have an anxiety disorder, and the meditative level of focus that’s required for colouring helps me manage stress).

    My man got me the Game of Thrones book for my birthday, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. My other favourite is Creative Haven’s collection of owls~ the books are high quality and very detailed, plus I just love owls. 🙂

    I also have some Celtic mandalas and various fantasy art books that I bought on Amazon~ Selina Fenech, Nikki Burnett, and Molly Harrison are just a couple of artists whose pictures I enjoy colouring. Just make sure to read the reviews and make sure that the pictures aren’t stolen.


    • Hmmm. I haven’t seen any owl ones. I’ve seen all the popular series ones, though. Including GoT. I’ve seen shapes and flowers and Celtic ones. There are plenty. I just don’t know if they’ll ever be for me.


  2. I am currently drawing Escape To Wonderland, and it just takes so much effort and concentration and time! My sister and I haven’t been able to finish 3 pages. It’s beautiful ❤ It's intricate and mind blowing.


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