Top Five Wednesday: Fictional Items I Want

Yay for finally doing a Top Five Wednesday video! The truth is that I haven’t liked any of the recent topics and I didn’t want to just do my own because then it’s just “five random things Wednesday”, which doesn’t really have a nice ring to it. Ha!

Anyway, today’s topic is five fictional items I want. I knew I’d do this one as soon as I saw the March topics. But I soon realized that I don’t really read too many stories set in fictional places, which severely limits the number of fictional items I’ve read about. But fear not, in the process of recording the video I was actually able to come up with SIX items! Hehe. But they’re all from two series. Eh.

Two from The Hunger Games because duhh. And four from that series with Hogwarts. But you won’t know what they are unless you watch!

Which five fictional items do YOU want? If you can limit it to five. I couldn’t.


And don’t forget that Top Five Wednesday is hosted by Lainey here. There’s also a Goodreads group.

4 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday: Fictional Items I Want

  1. I’m glad you’re selective with your memes. I don’t personally like when all have a meme every day.. But that’s just me and I don’t intend to offend anyone.

    Anyway, great video!

    I want Harry’s wand, robes, glasses..basically all of that.

    I also want a Mistborn cape. Have you read the series? It’s amazing.


    • Thanks! I do have one on Fridays called This Week in Books that I came up with, but that’s just to recap book news. Ugh. A robe would be so nice! I haven’t read Mistborn anything. Is it young adult?


      • Brandon Sanderson writes both Adult and Young Adult fiction. For some reason, Mistborn is classified as both? Perhaps because the protagonist is a teenager.

        Anyway, you will definitely find Mistborn in the YA section. It even has YA editions, which are the ones I bought. It’s a fantastic story. You should look at some reviews if you’re interested in a new fantasy series.


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