This Week in Books #6: The Great Literary Tournament

Welcome back to Johnny Reads and This Week in Books. I had every intention of doing a new video, but I bought a new light and the light was not as useful as I’d expected. Which meant I was left with no time to record, upload, and edit last night.

But this week in books is the week of tournaments. Mostly because everyone wants to get in on the popularity of the NCAA basketball tournaments.

Yesterday I told you about the Half Price Books Tournament of Fictional Places. Today I’m teling you about Amazon’s Great Literary Tournament. It’s even better.

This one pits 64 different literary characters against each other in another bracket style tournament. With each character given a ranking between 1-16. And voting is on social media. I’ve noticed that most of the tweets from the Amazon Books account over the last two days has been for the tournament. I’ve voted a couple of times already. BUT there is something I have an issue with. Katniss is an 11-seed. Which means she’s facing off against a 6-seed. And it’s Tris Prior from Divergent. Spoiler alert: Tris dies. So no. NO. I haven’t seen that matchup tweeted just yet. But you can bet I’ll be voting as soon as I can for the girl on fire.

You can view the bracket here.

Who do you think will take the tourney? I honestly have no earthly idea. But it better be Katniss. Ha.

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