Keeping up with the blog hasn’t come easily in recent weeks. It’s been tough. Work. Sleep. And my back pain are all making it difficult to post regularly and reply to comments. All I want to do is lie down and rest. But NO MORE.

I’m not going to keep making excuses. I’m going to get back to my regular schedule. I’m going to get back to posting at my regular time. And I’m going to continue building my channel. Watch.

4 thoughts on “Restarting

  1. Have you identified a source for your back pain? Mine was primarily brought on by using my laptop in bed/on the couch. That position was wrecking my posture to the point where my spine was pressing on a nerve – I was pretty surprised that posture alone could make me feel like I’d pulled something. A visit to the chiropractor helped, but honestly, I think the stretches he taught me were more valuable than being popped back into place.

    Perhaps it could be that you have a job where you stand a lot, though. Obviously I’m no doctor, nor do I observe your daily life, but having been through a lot of back pain myself, hopefully my experiences can help you find relief.


  2. I honestly can’t say too much…I’ve left my own blog to face the wilds of the internet itself for the last two and a half months. Life sometimes gets in the way, including our day jobs and the rigors that go with those.

    We’re all doing what we can.


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