This Week in Books: More “Killing”

It was announced this week that Bill O’Reilly will be releasing a new book later this year in his bestselling series. The new book will not focus on the death or assassination attempt of a prominent figure, but rather WWII between the US and Japan.

I love history. But am I the only person who can do without any more of Bill O’Reilly anything? His view of things is so skewed that I can’t imagine these books coming from a neutral viewpoint.

I haven’t read any of his books, and have no desire to do so. Have you read any in the series?

5 thoughts on “This Week in Books: More “Killing”

  1. I’ve read his book on Hitler, and only because the European side of WWII interests me greatly. Nothing in his book stood out to me as factually inaccurate or overly sensationalist, and nothing really carried an overtly right-wing tone in my opinion. Was it _Rise and Fall of the Third Reich_ good? No, but how many John Q. Publics will ever truly have the patience to read _Rise and Fall of the Third Reich_?


  2. Apologies for the double-post.

    I’m noticing negative reviews of _Killing Reagan_, mostly because that book apparently does cross the line into presumption, speculation, etc. Given that it was the most recent book in the series, it seems that folks feel this might be a downturn for the series. *shrugs*

    Erik Larson’s _The Devil in the White City_ is probably better than all of O’Reilly’s histories combined.


  3. I’ve never read any of his books. I just don’t think they would be any better than some of the books that I have read about WWII.


  4. Hello, I agree with you about O’Reilly. He is so off on a lot of issues so no, I won’t buy any of his books.


  5. I’m with you on this, I haven’t read any of his books, but thinking about reading the one about JFK. I’ve read 100+ books in the topic, so should be able to tell if he starts BSing.


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