On Strangers

Have you ever been in a public place and a random person just feels the need to chat you up about something completely random? We all have been, right?

Well today it happened to me at the store. A customer was talking to a coworker of mine about something entirely unrelated to a bookstore. And then proceeded to do the same with me. She probably spent 10-15 minutes talking to us about random things we weren’t interested in. It was odd. And then it made me wonder if I’ve ever done that. Just gone on and on with someone who was trying to find the quickest way out. I hope not.

Ever been chatted up by a stranger in a bookstore?

6 thoughts on “On Strangers

  1. No. Thank goodness. I go to a bookstore to shop, not chat. The only talking I do is to the cashier when I check out or when I ask for help to find a book. When I leave I tell the cashier ‘have a good day’ and that’s basically it.


  2. Lol, it’s usually in the checkout line where it’s either put up with their inanity or abandon your cart/items to leave them talking to the person in front of you.
    I usually put up with it.
    Ohhhh, just a couple of weeks ago! I was standing in the smoking area at the bus terminal, rather on the public property beside the terminal, when some very strange, very weird person asked for a light. No problem, that happens a lot. Then he stuck around and got right in my face! Even though I had my book open and my ear buds in. I backed up a couple of steps and there he was again. This dance went on for a minute or two until I gave up and went onto Transit property, where they have security guards, and one coming up the sidewalk!
    I don’y usually mind talking, but certainly not when you’re in my personal space!


  3. Hahaha. i work at a bookstore as well. Believe it or not, half of our customers decide to chat with us employees about random things. Sometimes it just turns into a whole lecture about life. Sometimes they just stand there talking for more than a simple 10-15 mins. Cherry on top? They assure you they’ll be back soon to continue the conversation !


  4. I must give off a vibe because people talk to me EVERYWHERE. Costco, the library, in line for coffee, women’s bathroom, you name it and someone has started a conversation with me there. LOL


  5. I’m not the most social person in the world and I work at a retirement home. There’s no break from being “chatted up” the entire time I’m there. There are certain parts of the building I avoid because they can sense my presence before I get there and come running out the door to talk. Not say hello and leave it at that, it’s a full on “you’re not getting away from me for the next hour” in depth conversation. Some have talked through the closing door crack as I’ve tried to leave and I still hear them talking when the door’s closed.


  6. Happened to me at a bookstore the other day and it was as if this person was a journalist or more likely from the Census Bureau and desperately needed to gather as much demographic information about me as possible. Good question to put out there. Looking forward to following you blog…


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